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Flamingo Fever has taken over recently! What better way to get on board than having your very own Funky Flamingo Party!

The Party... 

To start the party, everybody is taken to the magic carpet where the Birthday girl and her friends will receive their very own pet flamingo to take care of for the party. They will each give them their very own special name!

Then the girls will take in turns to have a sparkly make over including:

  • Glittery nails
  • Sparkly eye dust
  • Lovely Lipstick

Whilst the girls are waiting their turn for their make up, the rest of the girls will decorate some very special Flamingo Eggs which were laid by their flamingos just before arriving to the party. Once the girls have finished decorating their Flamingo eggs and received their dazzling make up, something very magical is going to happen to the flamingos!

Little do they know but the eggs laid by the flamingos contain MAGIC! and whilst the girls are eating their party food, the flamingos are going to grow just in time for a magical treasure hunt!

Funky Flamingo Treasure hunt:

Each little lady will then receive a ride-on Flamingo outfit to wear for the rest of the party! These funky flamingo outfits will mean they are then ready to take part in the magical treasure hunt which only flamingos can find!

Each flamingo rider is given a special treasure bag, where they will store any treasure found inside!

Musical Flamingos:

Musical statues with a Flamingo twist!

When the music stops instead of staying still, each of the Flamingos have to pose. Caution- may contain dinosoars, elephants and crazy frogs!!

Pass the Prize:

Bekki Boo is forever losing things! Only this time she has lost a special prize.. the sneaky flamingos are hiding it from her but she must guess who has the prize before it disappears for good!

Dazzling Flamingo Parade:

A chance for the girls to show off their Dazzling new looks and their beautifully decorated Flamingo eggs to the rest of the party group.

Of course, everybody is a winner so there is a prize for everyone!

The Price...

Funky Flamingo parties are suitable for girls aged between 4 and 9. 

£110 for 4 children (1.5hours)

£120 for 5 children (1hr 45min)

£130 for 6 children (2hours) 

Extra guests can be added for £15 each (maximum of 12 girls)

*please ask guests to remove nail polish before the party

To make an online enquiry please click here or alternatively contact Bex at:

Email:[email protected] 

Contact: 07920092984

*Parties currently available in Devon and Cornwall*

As part of your pamper party package you will receive 10% off any of the Dazzling Treats range!

From pamper boxes and activity kits to scrumptious themed sweet boxes - there's something for everyone. These can be brought either brought along to your party or delivered whenever you like! 


Introducing the NEW Mini UV Disco package available to add on to your party booking!

After the pampering why not make the games extra fun with some UV disco lights!

For only £25 the package includes

⭐️UV back lights & Disco lights

🌸Neon glow sticks and bracelets to keep

⭐️Neon UV accessories to wear

You can also add on some UV glitter tattoos for only £2.50 per person!

💗⭐️💗⭐️ PAMPER CORNER ⭐️💗⭐️💗

You can add the gorgeous pamper corner to your party for only £15. This includes a gorgeous selection of throws, blankets and cushions and a bowl of individually wrapped sweets and handheld games, fidgets and colouring books.(age dependent)


Why not add on our new ‘SELFIE CAM’ for only £10!

This includes hire of a gorgeous INSTAX 11 camera for the duration of the party-which means the kids can have full control of the camera- so it’s entirely up to them what they take!! 🙈

The package comes with one film of 10 photos and hanging pegs and string for a cute little photo hanging display. (Using wall-friendly tack)

Additional films of 10 are available for £8 which includes the additional pegs/string

If you would like to add this on to your party please let me know!