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Surf's Up Party

For a fun-filled energetic party for the dudes and dudettes in your life why not have a Surf's Up party- Perfect for those who love the beach -come rain or shine!

The Party...

On arrival the surfers will be taken to the board workshop where they will customize their own mini surfboards which of course they will get to take home with them- at the end of the party a winning design will be chosen! 

While they are busy working on their designs they will take it in turns to choose from a variety of designs for their exclusive ink or glitter tattoo (lasts for 5 days). They can also choose to have their fingernail painted too!

Once all the surfers have finished their surfboard designs the beach games will commence:

Beach Scavenger Hunt

Each surfer must help Bekki Boo search for the missing beach items! Whoever finds the most items will win a prize!

Musical Beach Towels

A beach twist to musical chairs - only with beach towels. When the music starts the surfers have to swim to shore using any swimming technique! When the music stops they must run to a beach towel to dry off! Each time the music plays there will be one less beach towel to run to! Whoever gets the last remaining beach towel will win a prize!

Surfin' the Waves

A surfing twist on musical statues- when the music starts the dudes and dudettes must pretend to surf the waves on their imaginary boards but when the music stops they have to freeze in their positions- anybody who falls off their board has to swim out and help be a judge - the last remaining surfer will win a prize!

Sand Bucket Toss

Surfers stand in a line and have to try and get three balls in to the sand bucket- using only a spade!

For every ball that goes in the bucket a prize is won!


How low can you go? The perfect chance to see who can dance their way to the end of the game - each time the players have their turn the limbo stick is lowered! The last man standing will win a prize!

Surf Board Show

Time for the surfers to show off their specially designed surf boards and a chance for the paparazzi to take some shots of the surfers with their boards! Once everyone has showed their customised boards off a winner will be selected - but who will it be.... Bekki Boo can never decide so everyone is a winner and receives a cool prize to take home with them!

The Price...

£100 for 4 children (1.5hours)

£120 for 6 children (2hours)

Suitable for children aged 7-12. 

Extra guests can be added for £15 each (maximum of 12 altogether)

To make an online enquiry please click here or alternatively email/ call Bex on:[email protected] or 07920092984.

*Parties currently available in Devon and Cornwall*

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